Exclusive Bitcoin Marketplace Website For Sale

The Bitcoin Marketplace for Anything!

The site is designed to be a marketplace that uses cryptocurrency primarily.  It has the option to use Paypal and other online payment gateways, however that is not the point of this marketplace.

With bitcoin being on the rise, this site is designed to capture a part of the growing bitcoin market share.

The site uses:

1. WordPress

2.  Woocommerce

3. WC-Marketplace

4. Coinbase (for payment gateway)
There is no special coding or content offered.  This is a starter website with no revenue.

I have owned the domain since 2014, and I do not have time for developing this, as I just started my MBA.
The site functions as described by looking up the descriptions of the plugins listed above.

The domain does have some backlinks, an SSL certificate, and a facebook page, which I will transfer with the successful purchase.

Of course this website could also be used for Classified Ads, a Bitcoin Faucet, a News Outlet, a Podcast or many other things.

If this site is to be created as a multi-seller marketplace, the site owner gets a cut of each sale, and/or charges for each listing.

More marketing will be needed, and perhaps a developer will be needed to make some adjustments.

No guarantee on profitability, however it has a great potential.

Of course this site can go in any direction.  A marketplace is one lucrative opportunity, but this is “Bitcoin ANYTHING“, so there is no limit as to what this site could be to you and your clients.

Here are a few other scripts to give you ideas of what this site could be;

Bitcoin Anything Marketplace

Watch for this listing on Flippa.com

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